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No matter whether you’re a homeowner hoping to make your house look more like a home or a property manager aiming to make your properties more attractive to potential tenants, trees and foliage are invaluable. Trees add color, liveliness, and even oxygen to your property, bringing both aesthetic and health ebenefits wherever they’re planted. However, these invaluable assets also require delicate, knowledgeable care in order to remain a beautiful addition to your property for decades to come — and that’s where we come in!

Welcome to WorkGrove Landscape, the finest tree care specialists in Orange County! For nearly 20 years, we’ve been helping homeowners and property managers throughout Orange County plant and maintain picturesque greenery on their properties. We’re also one of the leading knowledge bases in the area too, as we actively participate in numerous tree care research and education groups in order to ensure that our team continues to stay on the cutting edge in terms of the tree care techniques and services we offer our clients.

Don’t wait another day to enjoy beautiful, healthy tress on your property. Call WorkGrove Landscape to consult with our tree care experts and get experienced service today!

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WorkGrove Landscape Is Orange County’s Leading Authority On Tree Care:

  • Our tree care specialists have nearly 20 years of experience in all essential tree care tasks, including planting, pruning, tree removal, cabling and bracing, and more

  • We offer custom tree care plans tailored to the specific needs of your property

  • We have more than a decade caring for exotic tree species, such as palm trees

  • We participate in several tree care education and research groups in order to offer you comprehensive tree care knowledge and innovative service options

  • We also offer a variety of landscaping services to completely reimagine and transform your property

Our Tree Care Services

Welcome to the WorkGrove landscape Tree Care Service Guide! We’ve compiled this handy guide in order to make it easier to browse our service offerings and learn about the different kinds of care that the trees on your property may need. No matter whether you’re just starting out and need help planning and planting the first grove of trees on your property or you’re a seasoned property manager who simply needs experienced, trustworthy hands to maintain the trees on their properties, our tree care team can help you out!

We’ve organized our services in the order that they generally occur within the life cycle of a tree — begin with tree planting and pruning before moving onto tasks typically needed for older trees, such as cabling, bracing, and removal. You can learn about the services chronologically by continuing to read below, or you can click one of the buttons to jump to a specific tree care service. Happy reading, and we look forward to helping you!

Tree Planting | Tree Pruning | Cabling & Bracing | Palm Tree Trimming & Skinning | Tree Removal

Tree Planting

Planting trees on your property isn’t just a smart idea — for property owners, it’s essentially free value that grows right before your eyes! Trees provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Increased property value. Homes and business see their value rise by as much as 20 percent when surrounded by trees.

  • Cleaner air. A single tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide, ammonia, ozone, and other harmful gases.

  • Increased business traffic. USDA studies have found that people are more likely to visit businesses with pristine landscaping and spend up to 13% more.

  • More oxygen. Two mature trees produce enough oxygen for a family of four.

  • Muffled noise. Trees act as natural sound barriers, helping homes situated near busy areas feel quieter and calmer inside.

When you work with WorkGrove landscape to plant trees on your property, we’ll evaluate your property and help you plan an arrangement that’s most effective for your property. We’ll help you account for factors such as:

  • Space

  • Soil type and condition

  • Sun exposure

  • Safety

  • Aesthetic appeal and views from inside

So what kind of trees should you plant on your property? We can’t answer a question that is a matter of personal taste, but for inspiration, check out this article from the Orange County Register on the most popular kinds of trees in the area!

Check Out Tree Trends In Orange County

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Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is the tree care task our clients are most often familiar with, but just because one can do it themselves doesn’t mean that they should. Here a couple of the most common tree pruning errors — in other words, your list of Do Not’s:

  • Don’t prune without good reason

  • Don’t remove more than a quarter of foliage during the growing season

  • Don’t prune within 10 feet of a utility conductor

  • Don’t try a pruning job that requires power tools or ladders

  • Don’t strip out inner branches

  • Don’t leave branch stubs

It is incredibly easy for novice pruners to do damage to their trees inadvertently, and many forms of damage can last for the life of your tree! Paying the professionals at WorkGrove to care for your trees is worth it to protect the investment you’ve made in your trees — we prune according to the American National Standards Institute’s guidelines for pruning, otherwise known as ANSI A300. We know how to carefully and precisely prune your trees to promote healthy growth, and we have the tools to handle difficult pruning jobs up high and near utilities equipment safely without damaging ourselves or your tree. Call us today to get started!

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Cabling and Bracing

As your trees get older and fuller, it may become necessary to protect them with cabling and bracing. This type of tree care is a proactive, preventative measure intended to bolster a tree that is having difficulty supporting itself. There are a number of reasons for why a tree could come to need cabling and bracing support, including:

  • High winds

  • The sheer weight of ice, snow, or heavy foliage

  • Poor branching

  • Poor tree structure, possibly caused by improper pruning

  • Age

It’s important that professionals handle your trees’ cabling and bracing needs because of the precision required to ensure the added support is positioned correctly to maximize effectiveness. Bracing rods can bolt together splitting limbs in order to support them, and cabling that is placed properly between sagging limbs can help redistribute the weight more effectively, allowing your tree’s limbs and trunks to support each other. This additional support does not guarantee that your tree or its branches will never fall, but it is a great way to minimize the chance of such events occurring.

Supporting your trees’ sagging or cracked limbs with cabling and bracing isn’t just a matter of tree health or aesthetics; it’s a safety issue. If large tree branches break and fall on your property, they could damage property or injure someone, leaving you potentially liable. Protect your trees and reduce your liabilities by having WorkGrove landscape assess the structural health of your trees today!


Palm Tree Trimming and Skinning

Skinning and trimming is a tree care task that is unique to palms and a few other types of trees. If you have palm trees on your property, it’s important to get them skinned and trimmed to remove the dead fronds once every one to two years.

Removing dead leaves isn’t merely an aesthetic issue, it’s also important to the health of your palm trees. Many types of rodents and insects love to set up camp in dead palm fronds, and removing dead fronds regularly help prevent these pests from becoming attracted to your property. Furthermore, your palm’s dead fronds still consume resources, wasting water and minerals from the ground. By skinning the dead fronds away, water funnels more effectively up your palm tree toward the living fronds, resulting in a healthier palm tree that doesn’t require extra water.

There are some dangers to skinning palm trees, so it’s best to let a professional handle the job. Our tree care specialists are highly experienced with palm trees — we have no trouble getting up and down ladders safely, and we know how to cut deeply and precisely enough into your palm trees to remove dead fronds without injuring your tree or infecting it. It’s this precision that’s kept us growing our business in Orange County for nearly 20 years! Connect with us today to get your palm trees cared for by our experts.

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Tree Removal

At some point in your tree’s life, it may need to be removed for tree health or safety reasons. Trees can develop a number of problems at any point within their lives, and while some can be remedied, others necessitate removal of the tree for the sake of the other greenery on your property, and for your safety. Check out this list of questions, and keep in mind the trees on your property:

  • Is more than 50% of the tree damaged?

  • Can you spot damage to the trunk, such as vertical cracks or dead branch stubs?

  • Is the tree hollow inside?

  • Are there large dead branches?

  • Are all dead branches on one side of the tree?

  • Are there sprouts coming from the base of the tree, or small branches coming from the trunk?

  • Is there fungi growing on the tree?

  • Do you see any visibly damaged roots?

  • Is the tree leaning to one side?

  • Is the tree under power lines?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions for any of the trees on your property, those trees may need to be removed. Call WorkGrove Landscape to have the trees on your property professionally evaluated! It is incredibly important to remove dead trees before they can fall and damage property or hurt someone. Our experts know exactly what to look for when examining tree health, and when it comes time for tree removal, we'll be able to do so quickly, effectively, and most importantly, safely.

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We hope that this Tree Care Service Guide has helped you better understand the kinds of tree care that the greenery on your property needs throughout the course of its life. WorkGrove Landscape is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced tree care contractors in Orange County, and we can help you in any phase of tree care management, from planning and planting your first grove of trees to maintaining and supporting them as they age. Trees are a worthwhile investment in your property, and you need a veteran partner like us to help you plan and execute your investment smartly in order to reap the most value. Connect with us today, and let’s talk about how we can beautify and enhance your property together!

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