5 Ways To Raise The Value Of Your Rental Property

Are you sick of seeing the value of your rental properties tagnate? Are you looking for ways to boost the values of struggling assets? If so, continue reading!

Every landlord wants to get the most value out of their property investments, but many are loath to make significant changes or improvements to them, as the cost of remodeling or renovating even a single property can come with a big price tag. But what if there were more affordable ways to improve a property?

There are. At WorkGrove Landscape, we help property managers and developers throughout Orange County beautify and maintain their properties with expert tree care and landscaping services. We offer a wide variety of services that can enhance curb appeal and boost the value of your properties, every one of them for a fraction of the cost of interior remodeling work. Consider the following options next time you’d like to get more out of your rental properties!

Invest In Tree Care

Our tree care services are one of the best investments you can make for the long-term value of your property. Not only can our arborists and tree care specialists maintain your greenery to maximize its lifespan and appearance, but we can also create custom landscaping plans for you that incorporate new trees and foliage to add curb appeal, shade, and privacy to a property. And what property renter isn’t willing to pay extra for those qualities in a home?

Add More Outdoor Living Features

For apartment complexes and multi-unit properties, a great way to add value is by incorporating outdoor living features into the open spaces between properties. Prized features such as private patios, greenbelts, and stone work for fire pits will stand out to potential tenants and garner more interest in your available units. We offer both landscaping and hardscape services at WorkGrove landscape, making us capable of handling any outdoor living features you’d like added to your properties.

Consider Outdoor Lighting

While you’re considering the open space between housing units in your apartment complex, why not invest in outdoor lighting, too? Outdoor lighting improves safety and security in your complex, and can also highlight specific assets, such as beautifully greenery, water features, or manicured lawns. It’s an investment that will boost the appeal of your properties in multiple ways.

Refresh Your Concrete

Every property manager knows how much curb appeal means to property value, which is why it’s good to invest in concrete work every couple of years to keep the concrete around your property in good condition. The sun may fade your concrete over time, and cracks may develop, but our hardscape team can fill them and get your concrete looking good as new again.

Add Fencing Between Individual Properties

Fencing is another great way to raise the value of a rental property. Fences not only look nice, but they add privacy and security, and also function as a bit of a noise barrier between homes. Families with small children or pets often prize homes with fenced yards when looking for housing. Why not capitalize on that demand?

Now that we’ve sparked your interest and gotten you brainstorming a bit, why not explore our services in depth? WorkGrove Landscape proudly offers a wide variety of tree care and landscaping services to address whatever unique needs your rental property has! We look forward to helping you maintain a beautiful property.

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